Building Rental

Need a larger space for your event?

Need a place for your child’s birthday party?

A meeting room?

Rooms at the Fair Building are available.

Gym rental is $100 for all day – $50 for half day

The Quilt Room is $50 all day – $25 for half day

Outdoor property is $100 for all day – $50 for half day


All transactions for deposits, rental payments, refunds, cancellations etc. must be made in person at the Sequatchie County Fair Office. Cash or a Check are accepted for deposit & rental fees.


1.  Available up to 1 year in advance. Facilities will not be rented to anyone under the age of 21.

2.  No tentative or telephone reservations are taken.

3.  Reservations accepted for rain dates, however, if another party requests the date, the rain date party will be notified and must complete deposit and sign lease or forfeit the date.

4.  The following groups may use the buildings at no charge: Sequatchie County 4-H Clubs, other county Extension Groups and sponsored events, Sequatchie County FFA Clubs, BABS…..

5.  Maximum rental period is 5 days unless by special permission of the Fair Board Executive Committee.

6.  ½ DAY rental is 6 hours.

7.  FULL DAY will be for more than 6 hours or 6 AM until Midnight unless consecutive days are rented by same group.  All set up and cleaning must be completed during the time rented. Everyone must leave the facility by midnight. If parties remain past the agreed time limit deposits may/will be retained.


1.  Due with signed lease agreement, cash or check, and will be cashed upon reserving the facility.

2.  A fair representative will inspect the building following rental. Renter does not need to be present or need to contact for inspection. If the facility is found in unsatisfactory condition, or if any of the agreed upon conditions are not met, the deposit can/will be retained. If such is a case, the renter will be notified by telephone or by mail. If the facility is found in satisfactory condition and all conditions of the agreement are met, the deposit will be refunded by mail as a check within 30 days.

3.  Refunded if, after inspection, building is clean and returned to original condition and key is returned. Deposit is 80% refundable if cancellation is made 14 calendar days or more before booked date.


1.  Heat, water and electricity operate on a continuous year around basis in the Building and restrooms.

2.  Outside water usage requires 7 days notice and needs to be arranged with the City of Dunlap by the Fair Board.

3.  Electricity outside requires 7 day’s notice and you will receive a bill for power consumed.

4.  Portable toilets are required and are the responsibility of the renter for outdoor rentals.  Indoor bathrooms are not available.


1.  Wipe off all interior tables and chairs and return them to their original location.

2.  Dump all trash cans located within and around the facility into the nearest large hopper located outside the facility. This includes any cans located within the restrooms. Replace trash can liners with those provided.

3.  Sweep floors with a broom or dust broom.

4.  Clean up all spills with just water. Rinse out mop and bucket with clean water and hang the mop back up to dry.

5.  Wipe off surfaces in kitchen and remove all personal belongings from the cupboards and from the refrigerator/freezer. This includes unused bags of ice.

6.  Turn off all interior and exterior lights including those in restrooms. Turn off ceiling fans.

7.  Pick up and dispose of all trash in the parking lot and the surrounding areas.

8.  Close and lock all windows and doors.

SMOKING: There is to be no smoking in any building.

ALCOHOL: No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the buildings or grounds. Laws will be enforced.

Contact Pam Scott for availability.

President – Pam Scott (423) 443-8746, Text Only, Please